Wheel Alignments

Have your next wheel alignment done with the qualified and experienced staff at Mag Wheel & Tyre for superior driving control, comfort and safety.

A wheel alignment is essential if you want to achieve the best wear and performance from your tyres. When your tyres are correctly aligned, your vehicle handles better as it ensures that your steering wheel and tyres are facing straight ahead.

Indicators that your vehicle may need a wheel alignment include:

  • Vehicle feels as though it is pulling to one side
  • Steering wheel is shuddering or vibrating at higher speeds

If you live in Preston, Fairfield, Thornbury, Heidelberg, Bulleen, or the surrounding areas, and your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Mag Wheel & Tyre on (03) 9480 0911 or call in and see us at 102 Chifley Drive, Preston, Melbourne. A wheel alignment will not only improve the safety of your vehicle, it also aims to prolong the lifespan of your tyres too.

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