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Mag Wheel and Tyre has recently joined forces with Pirelli to open Australia’s first Pirelli P Zero World. The first P Zero World to be open in the southern hemisphere and the fifth one in the world. Our other sister cities in the world include Los Angeles, Munich, Monaco and Dubai. A P Zero World is seen to be one of Pirelli’s crown jewels in their retail distribution chain and an impressive showcase for what Pirelli as a brand has to offer consumers- prestige, quality and elegance.

A signature design element common amongst all P Zero World’s.

A signature design element common amongst all P Zero World’s. ‘Flower of Colour’ using genuine Pirelli P Zero and Cinturato F1 tyres and F1 OZ racing wheels

Our showroom has gone through a complete makeover as a result of our rebranding to a P Zero World. We have had a bespoke fit out which has had to be approved by Pirelli Head Office in order to make sure it passes the criteria of such strict brand guidelines. Only perfection was acceptable, which can be seen in our new layout. Every display was carefully thought out and every colour was specifically chosen. What else would you expect from the world’s best tyre manufacturer?

It is important to have a good-looking display and showroom. However, it is even more important to have a state-of-the-art workshop to back up the good looks. Since our rebranding we have invested heavily in acquiring the worlds best machinery. We have teamed up with Corghi and installed the most precise and efficient lever-less and touchless tyre changer on the market. So, when a customer brings in their Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari or Porsche their expensive wheels will not be damaged at all. Another addition we have added to the line-up was a diagnostic balancer allowing wheel and tyre combination to be perfectly matched and thus be perfectly balanced. This ensures that vehicles will be driving perfectly on the road and will be able to travel at high speeds without vibrations.

McLaren 720S fitted with Pirelli P-Zero PZ4

McLaren 720S fitted with Pirelli P-Zero PZ4 (MC) tyres by using the Corghi Master Jolly touchless tyre fitting machine

Being a P Zero World has allowed us access to Pirelli’s manufacturer specific tyres, Pirelli Motorsport tyres and period correct Pirelli classic tyres. This means we can meet the requirements of customers who want the exact same tyre their vehicle came with from the factory. Each P Zero tyre is not built the same despite wearing the same name. Each manufacturer requires different qualities and characteristics. For example, Porsche designated as (N) will require more dry grip and handling qualities than say a Mercedes (MO) tyre which will require more comfort and mileage. Each tyre is tailor made for your vehicle. No other dealership or tyre retailer has this level of access to manufacturer homologated tyres like P Zero World Melbourne. We also have access to Pirelli Motorsport tyres for those who enjoy taking their cars to the track on the weekend. P Zero Trofeo R racing tyres are Pirelli’s street legal track focused tyres which are the top of their class for quickest and most repeatable lap times in the world. These are original on the world’s quickest and best cars: McLaren P1, Porsche 911 GT3RS, Ferrari La Ferrari and Pagani Huayra. We are now official dealers for Pirelli’s Colleizione range. These are classic tyres and period correct for older cars that are still driving today. We stock P Zero Rosso tyres for vintage Porsche 911 and P Zero Assimetrico for vintage Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s.

McLaren 570S GT4 Track Car fitted with Pirelli P Zero Motorsport tyre

McLaren 570S GT4 Track Car fitted with Pirelli P Zero Motorsport tyre

If you want quality service and knowledgeable staff looking after your car, we are the place to come to. We are not your regular tyre shop and we love your car as much as you do. If you want the right advice and the right tyres put on your car please call our friendly staff on 03 9480 0911 or by emailing us on info@magwheel.com.au.

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