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By John Kypuros 14th August 2020

If you have a specialised vehicle such as a: Mercedes AMG, BMW M-Sport, Audi RS, Porsche, Maserati, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari or Rolls Royce – then normal cast aluminium will not cut it. Prestige car manufacturers have complicated wheel fitments and unique specifications. You need bespoke wheels custom designed and manufactured specifically for your pride and joy.

Vossen x Novitec NL4 Custom forged wheels

Late model luxury and prestige vehicles typically require wheel sizes such as 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”, 22”,23” and 24”. Most of these are simply not available off the shelf as they are highly complicated to make or simply too specialised. Same goes for wheel widths, certain prestige cars require wheels that are wider than 10-inch and can get as wide as 13-inch like on some Lamborghini models such as the Aventador and Urus.

Bolt Pattern, also known as PCD or stud pattern is another important factor in determining if whether a wheel will fit onto your vehicle or not. Porsche has a 5x130 bolt pattern, Aston Martin has a 5x128 bolt pattern, Porsche GT3, Turbo, RS models have centre lock or centre lug wheel configurations, Lamborghini models have 5x112 PCD, Ferrari have 5x114.3 stud pattern.

Vossen Custom Forged GNS-1 Monoblock wheels

If you have complicated and upgraded brake systems whether it be original or aftermarket you usually require custom forged wheels in Monoblock or multipiece to clear your brake systems. Custom forged wheels allow us to us different levels of concavity, dish and offset which help clear upgraded brake systems like Brembo, Wilwood, APR, Stoptech and many more.

There are various types of configurations we able to do in custom forged wheels. We can make up Monoblock forged wheels which are typically the lightest and the cheapest. We are also able to make up multipiece wheels (2 piece or 3 piece) forged wheels which are slightly heavier and more expensive than Monoblock wheels however this allows us maximise dish and concavity, which provides the most aggressive and best-looking wheel. In multipiece setups we can paint each piece of the wheel in a different finish. The Centre can be one colour, and then the barrel and lip can be painted in another into contrast or compliment other parts of the vehicle.

Vossen MX-1 Custom Forged 3-piece wheels

Custom Forged Wheels means custom finishing. What ever colour you can imagine you can have your wheels panted. If you want your wheels to be unique and your car to be made special custom finishes are the way to go. Colours range from Gold, Bronze, Gunmetal, Grey, Chrome, Polished, Machined, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Silver, Black and every other shade in between those finishes just mentioned.

We are authorised Vossen Dealer’s which is our speciality forged brand we stock and sell here. We are also dealers of BBS Forged, OZ Racing Forged and other manufacturers as well.

If you wish to enquire about forged wheels please contact us via 03 9480 0911 to discuss your options.

Find out more about Vossen Wheels: https://vossenwheels.com/

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