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By John Kypuros 25th August 2020

Mag Wheel and Tyre / Pirelli P Zero World Melbourne have recently become an official Vossen Wheel distributor in Australia. Vossen wheels are renowned wheel manufactured producing some of the best quality wheels and best-looking designs in the global wheel market. Their wheels are tailor made and specifically designed to suit some of the world’s best cars. If you own a Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Range Rover, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati or any other Prestige Car Manufacturer then Vossen Wheels are for you.

We have access to the full line up of Vossen Wheels and can supply Vossen wheels in Melbourne, Victoria. We can also supply Vossen wheels Australia and New Zealand wide. Hybrid Forged Vossens are a new line of wheels we specialise in, we sell Vossen HF1, HF2, HF3, HF4T and the brand new HF5 wheels.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT fitted with 21-inch staggered Vossen HF4-T wheels

“Mercedes-Benz AMG GT fitted with 21-inch staggered Vossen HF4-T wheels”

For those who are looking for custom forged Vossen we also can supply wheels from their various forged series line-ups. Available from 18 inch to 24 inches to suit any vehicle no matter who unique or exotic.

  • Vossen EVO Series- EVO1, EVO2, EVO3, EVO4, EVO5, EVO6-T.
  • Vossen EVO R Series- EVO1-R, EVO2-R, EVO3-R, EVO4-R, EVO5-R, EVO-6TR.
  • Vossen X Work Series- VWS1, VWS2, VWS3.
  • Vossen Series 21- S21-01.
  • Vossen Series 17- S17-01. S17-02, S17-03, S17-04, S17-05, S17-06, S17-07, S17-08, S17-09, S17-10, S17-11, S17-12, S17-13, S17-14, S17-15.
  • Vossen MX Series- M-X1, M-X2, M-X3, M-X4T, M-X5, M-X6, ML-X1, ML-X2, ML-X3.
  • Vossen HC Series- HC-1, HC-2, HC-3.
  • Vossen ERA Series- ERA1, ERA2, ERA3, ERA4.
  • Vossen LC Series- LC-101, LC-102, LC-102T. LC2
  • Vossen CG Series- CG-201, CG-202
  • Vossen MR Series- ML-R1, ML-R2, ML-R3
  • Vossen GNS Series- GNS1, GNS2, GNS3
  • Vossen VPS Series- VPS301, VPS302, VPS302T, VPS303, VPS305, VPS305T, VPS306, VPS307, VPS307T, VPS308, VPS310, VPS310T, VPS312, VPS313T, VPS314, VPS314T, VPS315, VPS315T, VPS316, VPS317, VPS318
  • Novitec x Vossen- NV2, NL4, MC3, NF8, NF9, NF10, SP2.
  • Vossen x Urban- UV-1, UV-2, UV-3, UV-4.
  • Vossen x Rennech- RPS10.2.
  • Vossen x Champion Motorsport- RS74, RS92.
Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-5 finished in Satin Silver

“Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-5 finished in Satin Silver”

More info please visit www.vosssen.com or please contact us via info@magwheel.com.

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