TPMS Servicing

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Maintaining and monitoring your tyre pressures is essential for vehicle safety and handling. It also increases fuel efficiency and promotes even tyre wear. A lot of modern vehicles come factory equipped with a TPMS system, designed to monitor the air pressure in your tyres.

Occasionally TPMS sensors can become damaged while removing tyres, the batteries powering the sensors can go flat, or sensors may be physically damaged by a pothole or curb. In these instances, replacing the sensor with an OEM sensor can be prohibitively expensive.

Valve stem style tyre pressure monitoring sensor provided by Autel.

Located in Preston, Mag Wheel & Tyre are proud to be a supplier of high quality aftermarket sensors to suit all vehicles. We have the programming tools and expertly trained staff to:

  • Replace damaged or broken TPMS sensors
  • Re-code your system to accept aftermarket wheel and tyre combinations
  • Perform diagnostics to determine faults in TPMS systems
  • Read and reset error messages relating to TPMS systems

Whether you’re after a replacement sensor, coding a second set of wheels to work with your car, or just looking to purchase new wheels and get new sensors connected to your factory TPMS systems, our qualified technicians will work to ensure your vehicle is performing at its best.

Universal standard tire pressure warning light, as displayed on car dashboards.

If you live in Preston, Fairfield, Thornbury, Heidelberg, Bulleen, or the surrounding areas, and you are seeing any warning lights in regards to tyre pressures, contact Mag Wheel & Tyre on (03) 9480 0911 or call in and see us at 102 Chifley Drive, Preston, Melbourne.

Correct air pressures will improve the safety of your vehicle and aims to prolong the lifespan of your tyres too.

Technician using Autel TPMS tool to diagnose car
Technician using Autel TPMS tool to program TPMS Sensor.
 Mag Wheel and Tyre’s workshop.

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