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Hankook AL26 e-cube Tyres

AL26 e-cube
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Details about the AL26 e-cube

AL26 e-cube are optimised design for steer long haul with irregular wear resistance and long mileage

Key Features

  • Optimised pattern design - The pattern is built to be tough uneven wear in long haul condition. The combination of linear grooves with waved walls and optimised rib allows the patten to provide increased mileage and steering performance

  • Technology of ejecting stone - Asymmetric groove helps eject stones

  • Optimised rib width - Improved mileage and irregular wear resistance with optimesed rib width

  • Circumferential kerfs - Circumferential kerfs provide improved driving safety on corners

  • Optimised footprint - Helps prevent separation, improve traction and mileage performance

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
305/70R22.5 152L