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Hankook Smart Flex AH51 Tyres

Smart Flex AH51
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Details about the Smart Flex AH51

Steer axle delivering premium performance in all conditions during the tyre’s long lifespan

Key Features

  • Hidden groove - These hidden grooves appear asthe tyre wears. This creates newwater channels and grippingsurfaces, giving better wet grip traction.

  • Optimised block size - Wide tread blocks enhance the tyre's rigidity and improve the mileage while delivering a low rolling resistance.

  • Tread Wear Equalised Stepper (T.W.E.S.) - Small step-shaped blocks provide even wearing and prevent stone trapping, resulting in a long tyre life.

  • 3-dimensional sipe - Full depth 3D sipes deliver excellent mileage and traction throughout the tyre's lifespan by reinforcing interlocking between blocks.