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Hankook Smart Flex DH51 Tyres

Smart Flex DH51
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Details about the Smart Flex DH51

Drive axle delivering premium performance in all conditions during the tyre’s long lifespan

Key Features

  • Hidden groove -These hidden grooves appear as the tyre wears. This creates new water channels and gripping surfaces, giving better wet grip traction.

  • Zigzag groove - The centre zigzag grooves create a binding effect on each tread block contributing to better rolling resistance and traction.

  • Wide tread block - A wider tread block than the previous product increases the tyre footprint and grip, leading to an improved mileage performance and rolling resistance.

  • Horn-shaped self-regenerating sipes - The stress on the shoulders is being reduced by applying hornshaped self-regenerating sipes that prevent cracks. They provide enhanced water evacuation which delivers improved wet performance.

  • V-shaped self-regenerating sipes - Directional v-shaped sipes enhance grip and regenerate as the tyre wears to give maximum performance throughout the lifespan of the tyre.

  • Full depth 3D sipes - Full depth 3D sipes deliver excellent mileage and traction during the whole tyre life by reinforcing interlocking between blocks